Type: Curatorial. One night only participatory exhibition.
Date: 19 March 2014 during Opening Nights Series for You Are Here festival
Collaborators: Sabrina Baker (co-curator). Commissioned artists below.


Stop, Hama Time was a participatory exhibition celebrating the kitsch icon of primary school craft – the hama bead. Part of You Are Here festival's Opening Nights series, this one-night-only show featured commissioned works by eleven Canberra-based emerging artists alongside a communal space for the audience to make their own hama-sterpieces. Work created by the public could either be added to the exhibition or taken home.  This project was designed to be a playful opportunity for both artists and audience members to engage in communal, low-stakes creativity within the fixed structure of material limitations.

Commissioned Artists

Sabrina Baker; Louise Baker; Madeline Bishop; Tara Bromham; Andrew Carvolth; Aaron Garlick; Amanda Herzman; Chelsea Lemon; Deirdre Pearce; Anna Sutherland; Tim Wallace


Video by Erica Hurrell for You Are Here, 2014