Type: Emerging and experimental writers festival
Dates: 2014 - 2018 with festivals running annually between 2015 - 2017
Collaborators: Lucy Nelson. Also lots of other people, listed below.
Role: Co-founder and co-director

N.B - As Noted's website is no longer active, this is a mini archive for the festival overall. I was a lot more involved in producing some of projects listed below than other. Also, images / designs used on this page are mine (made for use by Noted) unless otherwise credited.* 
*Credits don’t seem to work on mobile, photos of events were mostly by Dream Pieces.


A festival for people that love to write, built with and by the community.

'Noted is one of the few festivals that truly combines local and interstate artists and places experimentation at the beating heart of its programming. There is room for writers (new and old) to take risks and fail, with the focus on art as a community not a commodity.'

David Stavanger, then Co-Director Queensland Poetry Festival, 2016.

Noted was founded in October 2014 by an informal collective of artists and producers within Canberra’s emerging literary community. Over three festivals, Noted collectively presented work by 235+ local, national and international artists across 150+ free events to an audience of 5000+ people.

Noted was built on collaboration. The festival worked closely with partners including: Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre, the ACT Writers Centre, the National Library of Australia, Libraries ACT,  AIDS ACTION Council of the ACT, The Stella Prize, YHA Canberra City, You Are Here, and numerous others.

Noted was supported by artsACT project funding between 2016 - 2018.* In mid-2018, we decided to wrap up Noted due to the difficultly of accessing non-project-based funding, essential for ongoing sustainability. All remaining funds were given to the ACT Writers Centre.

The Noted website is archived on PANDORA here. 

* 2018 funding supported a strategic planning year. Sadly, not all strategic planning ends with the decision to continue operating. 

Selected Noted Highlights
(no particular order, slightly random selection)

Whooziwotsit (writing with stuff) by Mariella, Isabella and Anthony.

Whooziwotsit (writing with stuff) by Mariella, Isabella and Anthony.

Writers on Inclusion Digital Panel

Exerpt from zine by Georgie from Koori Kids.

Exerpt from zine by Georgie from Koori Kids.

Lit Hop, 2015 - 2017
A travelling one-night-only adventure that moved from venue to venue through the streets of Civic and Braddon. Jam-packed with readings, word games, literary blind dates, trivia, book swaps and pop-up pit stops featuring art, music and interactive storytelling. Various artists.

Independent Publishing Fair, 2015 - 2017
Brought together independent publishers, zinemakers, artists and literary organisations from across Australia. This marketplace was complimented by live storytelling and professional development programming throughout the day. Various artists.

Emerging Older Writer in Residence, 2017
A residency for emerging writers over the age of 60, developed in partnership with Libraries ACT. Residencies were run at the Civic, Dickson and Kippax branches. Various artists.

First Nations Writer in Residence, 2017
Developed a First Nations Writer in Residence in partnership with the National Library of Australia. Recipient: Laniyuk Garcon-Mills

Zine Superstars, 2016
A workshop series with students from the Koori Kids Group and the Koori Leadership Program in collaboration with West Belconnen and Gungahlin Child and Family Centres

Sauna Saga, 2016
A nude performative lecture held in the sauna of the Finnish Embassy. Swimsuit version was also available. Artist: Chris Endrey.

Too Early for Poetry, 2016 - 2017
Poetry at 7:30AM? Audiences got a coffee and shared a table with poet to experience personal one-on-one and small group performances. Various artists. 

Where the Wild Words Are, 2015 - 2017
Public writing workshops in unusual places. Horror writing in a graveyard. Poetry in a bus terminal. Basics in a car park. Various artists.

Artist Triage, 2016
Audience members took a seat at our Emergency Super Computer for an anonymous one-on-one online consultation with festival artists.  Various artists.

More Noted Highlights
(in pictures)


Noted involved contributions from lots of people.  The core production teams are listed below.

2014 - 2015
Farz Edraki, Duncan Felton, Andrew Galan, Chiara Grassia, Lucy Nelson, Zoya Patel, Ashley Thomson (all co-founders).

Lucy Nelson (co-director); Shu-Ling Chua (creative producer); Ashley Thomson (communications); Duncan Felton (IPF); Andrew Galan (poetry curator).

Lucy Nelson (co-director); Aidan Delaney, Delephene Fraser, Marta Skrabacz, Leife Shallcross (creative producers); Sophie Mannix (communications); Duncan Felton (IPF); Andrew Galan (poetry curator).

Lucy Nelson and Aidan Delaney (co-directors).

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